At Barry Callebaut, we offer great career opportunities across a wide range of fields, both for graduates and professionals. But there is something every team and department has in common: wherever you go, from controlling to research and development, from HR to Sales, you will always find talented and passionate employees, that truly love our product: chocolate! Take a quick look at the different areas where you can develop your career within Barry Callebaut.

Trading & Sourcing

Within the broad spectrum of our activities, our functions in Trading and Sourcing are closest to the pulse of the work we do to ensure that all our products benefit from high quality cocoa. This team acts as an interface between cocoa production and cocoa demand for third party customers and for our own chocolate factories worldwide, either supporting our traders with market information or the logistics department to ensure on-time delivery. Working as part of this team usually requires a strong presence in cocoa origin countries for direct access to our main raw material – high quality cocoa beans. Being involved in the global procurement of cocoa beans allows you to experience the world of cocoa in all its complexity.

Sales & Marketing

At Barry Callebaut the sales and marketing functions are essential to drive the success of our business. Our entrepreneurial culture is based on continuous dialogue with our customers, which enables us to stay at the pulse of trends within the industry and ensure that we remain ahead of the market in terms of innovation and product development. In this endeavor our sales and marketing teams  play a key role. Depending on your skills and experience you may become involved in a variety of challenging activities. From creating effective sales materials, co-branding, organizing  events or ensuring that Barry Callebaut makes an impact at trade exhibitions – these are just a few of the areas in which our team supports the business.

OSCO: Operations and Supply Chain Organization

Our factory network currently consists of more than 50 factories and is further expanding. By strictly conforming to clearly defined key performance indicators and highest quality standards, we ensure continuous  energy savings and improvements around the globe. Our Operations area involves multidisciplinary teams skilled in transforming cocoa into delicious chocolate products. You may become involved in the area of factory management,  responsible for running our local sites and for the technical installations of equipment, maintenance and repair. Or you may work with our  engineers, managing the construction of new factories, utilities and buildings or the modernization of existing ones.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is  an important area of expertise at Barry Callebaut as we constantly strive to improve  the quality of our products to exceed the expectations of our customers. We cannot afford to settle for second-best. This is why we are putting  great efforts into setting up new systems, implementing new technologies and rolling out best practices throughout our organization. As we continue our relentless drive for quality you may become involved in our quality culture program which has set the task of achieving "Zero Defect" – with zero tolerance for anything but the highest quality today and the years to come. Quality Assurance is an internal and an external service function. Our team of professionals communicates regularly with customers and suppliers and monitors industry news and developments. We use this knowledge to continually improve our quality assurance  system to cater customer needs and expectations.

Information Management

The Information Management/IT team supports every functional area by defining the changing business processes and translating these into system solutions. Making sure these system solutions are 100% in line with the business requirement is a key success factor. This can only be achieved with close cooperation between the business and the information management  team, right from the start. Being part of this team may lead you to discover every corner of our company’s business. For example: in order to enhance customer service, a system-integrated 360° cockpit gives customer service professionals an “easy-click overview” of all open issues with the customer, such as unfulfilled orders, pending payments, status of open complaints or requests.

R&D and Innovations

As the only global cocoa and chocolate manufacturer with an integrated research and development network, we have more than 20 R&D centers worldwide. The result is a constantly expanding and improving portfolio of recipes, products and services for our customers. Working within this area you may expect to become involved with the technical side of our many products and services. As we strive to constantly improve our quality and technical efficiency, our applied R&D team develops new products and new recipes. Our Innovation team is dedicated to research on all cocoa components and to develop break-through  products, which combine good taste with health advantages. Our rebalancing team focuses on offering products with an improved nutritional profile without sacrificing the enjoyment of chocolate.

Finance & Controlling, Treasury and Risk Management

Barry Callebaut Group Finance includes corporate, regional and local departments and a diverse pool of specialists who fulfill our needs in the area of finance. Managing Barry Callebaut’s liquidity, net working capital, foreign currency and interest management, as well as ensuring that global tax regulations are respected, are all mastered within these teams this group. Our financial team is responsible for constantly assessing our performance, analyzing strategic issues providing consolidated financial statements for all Barry Callebaut’s divisions and guiding our budgeting processes. This area also includes the team in-charge of Group Treasury, Tax and Risk Management.